CR Power Building Coal-fired Power Generating Unit Consuming Minimum Energy Worldwide in Hebei Province
26-04-2019 旺彩彩票


At 18:18 on April 25, No.3 Unit of Caofeidian Project Phase II of CR Power made a success in the pilot run in full load for 168 hours, signifying that the coal-fired generating unit with the minimum design energy consumption worldwide was successfully put into operation and entered into a new stage of data test. Ding Xiufeng, the Vice Secretary of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee of Hebei Province and Mayor of Tangshan City, Hu Min, the Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CR Power and other persons attended the ceremony for the unit’s operation, at which they delivered speeches.

President Hu Min congratulated on the operation of the Project, extended thanks to governmental leaders in Tangshan City and the district as well as participating units and paid honour to construction workers at the front line. He pointed out that CR had maintained a good partnership with Tangshan City, and that CR Power had increased its total investment in Tangshan City from RMB 690 million in 2013 to RMB 12.6 billion in 2019. Several core technologies of 1000MW units of Caofeidian Phase II reached the domestic first-class and even world-class level with the design coal consumption of power supply below 263g/kWh, representing the current best energy efficiency of thermal power all over the globe. He hoped that North China Region and Caofeidian Project would embrace the current challenges and devote efforts to commercialized operation and technological innovation so as to promote the quality improvement of CR Power and contribute more to the local socio-economic development and environmental stewardship.

Mayor Ding Xiufeng, the representative of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, expressed his gratitude to CR Power’s long-term concern on Tangshan’s development and greeted all employees working at the front line of construction. He pointed out that the operation of Caofeidian Project played a significant demonstrative role in maintaining the secure and steady operation of the grid in North China, guaranteeing the electric and thermal demand for development and construction in the Caofeidian Area and fueling the coastal economic transformation and development. He hoped that CR Power would seize this opportunity to be part of urban construction, operation and industrial transformation and development in Tangshan. Tangshan City would further render better services and cooperate more closely with CR Power. That is how the pragmatic cooperation tree would bear more fruits.

2×1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired generating units of Caofeidian Project Phase II are located in Caofeidian Industrial Park, Tangshan City. Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission on December 16, 2014, the Project is the first 1000MW generating unit engineering in Hebei Province. For the Project, the strategic energy policies of “energy conservation, cleanness and safety” are fully implemented; technological achievements of CR Power that have been summarized and optimized in recent years are fully drawn on; a series of international sophisticated efficient and clean coal-fired generating technologies are adopted, and innovations are made in several core technologies. That is how CR Power refreshes the industrial data across the globe. The primary reheating ultra-supercritical units are adopted for the Project, with the design coal consumption of power supply below 263g/kWh and the thermal efficiency of the whole plant of 48.3%. With respect to environmental protection, the synergistic application of the desulfurization and dust removal integration technology, the full load denitration technology and other technologies will better guarantee the realization of “ultra-low emission” of the Project. The nearly zero emission of main pollutants will set a new benchmark for domestic 1000MW units and play a demonstrative role in technical routes of newly-established coal-fired generating units.

Such advanced technologies as five-cylinder and six-row steam turbines, ultra-low back pressure, in-depth thermodynamic coupling of machines and furnaces, frequency conversion and energy saving of comprehensive auxiliary engines, efficient operation in low load, steam turbine efficiency guarantee and quick start of boilers are used for the Project in China for the first time. The level-11 regenerative system adopted for the unit will solve the two problems, namely, efficient operation in full load and long-term operation with sustained efficiency guaranteed, realizing the chokeless air pre-heater, non-lowering of efficiency of the steam turbine, non-failure of catalysts and noncoking of the heat-absorbing surface. In that way, the difficult points that have bothered coal-fired generating enterprises for a long time are addressed and the reliability of units improves.

No.3 Unit of Caofeidian Project will remain committed to providing important power energy support for the Bohai Economic Rim in the future so as to effectively ease the power supply tension in North China and better spur the rapid and sound development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

Sun Guishi, the member of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Caofeidian District Party Committee, Zhang Wenming, the Secretary General of the Municipal Government and Secretary of Organ Party Group, Zhang Baogui, Hou Yongjie, Vice President of CR Power and principals of the relevant departments and offices and North China Region and other persons attended the ceremony.